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A clever single-driver speaker with a contour network for balanced sound



An overachieving two-way monitor speaker using drivers with underhung coils



Obtaining the best possible performance from affordable drivers in a tower loudspeaker


I discovered the world of hobbyist loudspeaker design in 2001, while I was still in high school. From then onward, it has been a minor obsession of mine to pair off-the-shelf loudspeaker driver components and create designs that obtain results which are, frankly, incredible given the modest cash outlay. The added value was my own, of course, as later professional adventures have shown me where much of the cost of modern high-end loudspeakers comes from (which is usually NOT simply greed or excess on the part of the manufacturer, but is necessary to keep a business running and a distribution/retail channel satisfied with the arrangement) but these designs and all related materials are made available free of charge to you (and with no warranty). The above projects are the ones that I have chosen to publish, since I feel they obtained the best results; there have been numerous other projects that I have completed over the years, for myself and others, including full-range main and surround channel loudspeakers and subwoofers.

I hope the projects provided here will help kindle your own interest in loudspeaker design and technology, and if you decide to build one of these projects, please let me know about it. I am occasionally active on forums such as DIYAudio.com, Parts Express Tech Talk, and AVSForum, under the handle Taterworks. The idea for the Taterworks name actually goes as far back as high school (and yes, it's 'tater' as in potato, highlighting the humble origins and motivations of my work), so I think it's appropriate to stick with it even today for my hobbyist projects.

Much time has passed since I became involved in loudspeaker design. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University in 2008, and have worked for a few different companies since then, some involved in the manufacture of commercial speaker products. I remain interested in loudspeaker design as a hobby, not just as a profession, and I still enjoy the challenge of creating unique speakers for myself to enjoy. My methods have evolved along with the available tools.

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